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  • “Couples fall through gay marriage loophole” – 2013

When France became the 14th country in the world to legalise gay marriage earlier this year, it was trumpeted by many as a key moment for equality. But some couples are discovering they can’t get married because of a legal loophole. Bilateral agreements mean some foreigners with French partners fall under the marriage laws of their home countries, which don’t recognise gay marriage.

  • “Women in the French military” – 2013

The French government has unveiled a photography exhibition to celebrate women in the country’s military. Women make up nearly 15 per cent of the country’s military, the highest proportion in Europe. But despite this, women soldiers are still denied certain jobs, and often have to cut short their careers to start a family.

  • “Charity gives struggling French a holiday” – 2013

In France, August is the traditional month for long, summer holidays. The French take an average of 30 days off a year; double the global average. But time off work is not an option for people struggling financially. So a large French charity, Secours Populaire, is working to give disadvantaged families a little break.

  • “Paris’s only skyscraper turns 40” – 2013

The only skyscraper in the centre of Paris recently turned 40 years old. At 210 metres tall, the Montparnasse tower is a glass and steel structure in the middle of a city known for elegant, 19th century stone buildings. When it opened in 1973, it was immediately criticised for being ugly, and 40 years on, it still divides public opinion. So what’s the legacy of this much-loathed building, and is there a future for skyscrapers in the French capital?

  • “OECD urges France to continue labour reforms” – 2013

A key member of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has urged France to continue relaxing labour laws in order to make its economy more competitive. The OECD’s Deputy Secretary-General, Rintaro Tamaki, praised recent labour market reforms, but warns much more needs to be done to restore competitiveness and reduce record-high unemployment.

  • “Do Euro cents make sense?” – 2013

The European Union is examining whether to remove the one and two euro cent coins from circulation because they’re too expensive to make. France produces more than 600 million of these coins every year, but the production costs now exceed the coin’s face value, meaning the country is losing millions of dollars. With France under pressure to make large cuts to public spending, some economists believe the small coins no longer make sense.

  • “Syrian doctors in France send aid back home” – 2013

The conflict in Syria has gone on for more than two years now, and for Syrians living abroad, it has been difficult to deal with the violence in their homeland. So a group of Syrian doctors in France decided to set up a charity to send much-needed medical aid to Syria.

ABC news

  • “Young Europeans leave troubled economies for Australia” – 2012

Radio report for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) AM program. As the Eurozone debt crisis continues to rattle the global economy, more and more young people from Spain, Italy, Greece and other troubled economies are moving to study and work in Australia, one of the few countries with a growing economy.

  • “International Criminal Court delivers first verdict” – 2012

Radio report for the ABC’s The World Today. The International Criminal Court is due to deliver its first ever verdict after 10 years of operation. What are the implications for international law? Features exclusive insights from a leading member of the ICC’s prosecution team.

  • “Canadian pokies scheme offers lessons for Australia” – 2012

An investigative report for the ABC’s radio current affairs program, PM, on a controversial pre-commitment scheme for electronic gaming machines. It ran as a complement piece to a video report broadcast by the ABC’s 7.30 program.

Click here to listen on the ABC’s PM website.

Click here to watch the television report.

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